Juan Luis López Fons is a Mexican film editor, director, producer and camera operator currently residing in Albany, NY. He first developed an interest in the connection people can form through film as an early teen. One summer night when he was 11, his brother snuck him into the R-rated movie “Wolf”, starring Jack Nicholson. More than being attracted to the filmmaking, the performance or the special effects of said movie, Juan Luis was drawn to the bonding experience the movie theatre provided – between him and his brother and with himself.

He discovered that in movie theaters, he allowed himself to feel emotions he didn’t allow himself to feel on his day-to-day life. He could cheer, feel anger, experience fear, jump up in excitement and even tap into sadness or depression. Juan Luis decided then and there that he wanted to reproduce that experience for himself and aim to inspire it in others.

As Juan Luis grew older he also developed an appreciation for the art of filmmaking: an interest in how every element from the performances, to how a shot is framed, to how sound and music change a viewers experience of a film – how all those elements worked together to create something moving. Juan Luis decided to become a film director and, in 2004, moved from Mexico to New York City to study film directing at the New York Film Academy. 

After the experience he garnered from working in more short films, industrials and music videos, Juan Luis worked as one of the editors of the Mexico non-violence documentary “Encender el Corazón”, a project that profoundly changed his perspective on humanity and his experience of the world.

Emotivo Productions

The idea for Emotivo Productions came after Juan Luis completed an anthology of six short films called “Albany My Albany,” which he directed, shot and edited. The “Albany my Albany” shorts showcase and promote established, and up-and-coming artists from New York’s Capital Region. Artists include a dancer, a singer, a jewelry maker, a comedian, a sculptor that works with wood and a performance artist.

The personal success of “Albany of My Albany” gave birth to what later became Emotivo Productions, a production company that creates promotional video vignettes for artists, entrepreneurs, athletes and business owners. Emotivo’s videos focus on the individual in front of the product, artistic endeavor or technical enterprise. They bring out the essence of each of its clients and use the language of film to connect them to their target audience in a more empathic and personal way. It’s a new form of targeted marketing Juan Luis calls “Human Marketing.”

Aside from the promotional video vignettes, Juan Luis also does weddings, special events, anniversaries, celebrations of life, fundraiser videos and corporate projects. He brings to all of these endeavors his signature personal and engaging style, always focused on the human being captured behind the camera.

The “Albany My Albany” series, and more of Juan Luis’s work, can be seen here.

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“Films and movie theaters are sacred places to me. They are mediums into not only different worlds and experiences, but they offer an opportunity for us to connect with ourselves and move people towards action and reflection. I want to challenge, awe, inspire and provoke, but most importantly, I want to live a life of ethics and grow as much as I can in the time that I have on this planet.”
                                                      – Juan Luis López Fons